What is is Kirby CMS?

Kirby CMS is a super flexible flat-file-CMS that is easy to setup. Cause there is no database to install. After that you use markdown to edit your content.

What is a flat-file-CMS?

There is no database, but instead it is a text file for each page. You so to speak call it a "mini-database" for each page in form of a text file.

Is Kirby user lisence included in my theme purchase?

No it is not inclueded. You need to buy it sepratly from the Official Kirby site.
Price for one license is €99.

How to install my Kirby site?

You download the theme that you want and normally most things follow so you unzip the file and upload all the content to your webhotel. After that you should be ready to go and visit your and start editing the site.

What do I need to host my Kirby site?

You need one domain and a webhotel but you don´t need a database. Any shared hosting will do, but the result depends on the quaility of the hosting.

What is

This is a page where we collect all Kirby CMS themes under one roof. From different theme authors and theme stores.

Where do I get support?

Each theme author is doing support for the themes they have made. The support terms can vary from author to author.

How can I access the content?

You access by entering if you have never done this before you´ll need to signup with the administrator info and after that you can log in and editing the content.

Kirby CMS requirements?

Apache 2 with URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) or nginx; PHP 5.3+; PHP mbstring extension for proper UTF-8 support.

Custom themes?

If you like Kirby CMS but want a custom theme we can offer that. Please send a email to to get in touch and a quote.

I need more help?

If the theme author can not help please feel free to get in touch with us. We will give you a quote on based on the list of things that needs to be fixed.
Send your cry for help to