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Why Kirby CMS?

Mostly sites today is maintained by a CMS in the back-end of the site. No static HTML pages is used for people that takes the internet serious as a marketing platform. Normally you will need to have a database and web hotel to host your CMS, no matter if it is called WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5 or Joomla.
That cases normally a hard setup process for normal people. But not anymore...

Everything unnecessary is removed, so you can focus on what´s matter, your content...

What is Kirby CMS?

Kirby is a flat-file or file-based CMS. What is that? That is a CMS system that do not need any database. This makes the installation process much easier. It is just to unzip the files and upload them, based on what is said in the read me file that follows. The same goes for the theme. After you have done this you are set to go and start to interact with your content.

It is with much ease you can now make and update your web page. If you have hidden HTML/CSS skills you can also easily make a theme for it. This since it have a lot of good tutorials and it is PHP based in the template language. If the last sounded greek, please continue on reading. See what pages that are made with Kirby here.

What is the The Kirby Panel?

If you want edit your web site content in the browser you will need to setup The Kirby Panel additionally to your site. If you download one of the themes here on the page, you will find out that most of the them have The Kirby Panel already setup in some form. And that will make it even easier to setup for you. Find more info about the panel at the Kirby site.

So who is Kirby for?

It is for everyone, just not the enterprise. But fits most startups as well as small and medium sized businesses that needs a good and easy maintainable page. Today it is a lot of big names and developers that us Kirby every day in there projects. It is a reason for it. A new spring have arrived in the web world...

Kirby uses markdown and so you add anything in the text-area. And did I tell you that you don´t need a monster of one server to pull Kirby. The web pages load fast and reliable. Kirby is very good for blogs too. And we have many good designed themes for blogs. Look at the themes we have listed here.

Good WordPress, Joomla or Drupal alternative? Yes, you´ll get more focus on your content then you ever had before. This cause it is easy to login and change content, no other clutter there. In the end it is content that matters, that is why your users keep coming back to your page.

If you need more proof? See some of the pages that uses Kirby today.

Remember a license for Kirby CMS?

For the Kirby Team to continue to develop and support Kirby for the future, they need food too. So Kirby requires a license to be set in production. And you will need to download or purchase a theme if you don´t plan on making one yourself. If you do now have a license you can purchase a license $39 here.

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